Eleaf Lemo

Eleaf Lemo Atomizer is a new type of Eleaf product which is designed for e-cigarette fans. The steel material and glass atomizer tube must impress you a lot. The highlight of Lemo atomizer lies on its rebuildable heating coil and the adjusting air inlet which bring the e-cigarette fans much fun.
Size (diameter and length): 23mm*85.56mm
Capacity: 5ml
Color: Silver
This product comes with 
1*Lemo Mouthpiece
1*Lemo Top Cap
1*Glass Tube
1*Lemo Atomizer Cover
1*Lemo Atomizer Tube
1*Lemo Atomizer Base
1*Connecting Base
1*Heating Coil
1*Absorbent Cotton
4*Replaceable Silicone Mat for Glass Tube
2*Replaceable Silicone Mat for Mouthpiece
1*Mini Screw-driver
1* User Manual
Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.
Detailed Introduction 
Changeable Mouthpiece. 5ml cpacity. Rebuildable Design.Steel material and glass atomizer tube. Large e-Juice Capacity. Adjustable air inflow. Adjustable battery connector
Main features 
1. 2 colors available: Black and Steel
2. Changeable Mouthpiece: Eleaf Lemo atomizer mouthpiece is changeable. Users can replace it at will.
3. Steel material and glass atomizer tube
4. It comes with 510 thread.
5. Large e-Juice Capacity: 5ml, to cater your vaping demand all day long
6. Rebuildable Design: Users can wrap the heating coil by themselves according to their personal demand.
7. Adjustable airflow
8. Adjustable battery connector
Operation Guide 
1) How to refill e-liquid:
1. Screw the connecting base off atomizer base.
2. Screw off the cross-head screw at the bottom of atomizer base.
Note: Use the silicone spares for more convenient e-juice filling.
3. Slowly refill the liquids into the small hole.
2) How to adjust the airflow:
You can adjust the airfolw by rotating the regulation ring: clockwise to get smaller airflow and counterclockwise for larger airflow.
3) How to adjust the battery connector:
The adjustable battery connector makes Lemo better match your battery. Just use the tool to rotate the connector as needed.
4) How to DIY
Pls wrap the heating coil around the absorbent cotton according to your demand and then fit it on the atomizer base.
Note: Pls do not dry burn the cotton directly, otherwise it might get on fire. Drip little e-juice in the absorbent cotton to make that moist before filling in the e-juice.


  • 23 mm Diameter
  • 72 mm Length
  • ca. 5 ml Tankvolumen


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